Fish Molee Recipe/Kerala Style Fish curry with Coconut Milk

Fish Molee is a Soulful dish for those who love Fish with the aroma of Coconut Oil.

Fish Molee, a cultural keystone dish from Kerala. Fish slow-cooked in a generous amount of Coconut milk .with minimal spices. I love it more when it is cooked with virgin Coconut oil.

One can find several types of coconut oil in the market. The common labels are refined vs. unrefined. Unrefined coconut oil is usually called virgin (pure coconut oil). Many describe their oil through its method of extraction; cold-pressed, expeller-pressed. But expeller pressed and cold-pressed oils don’t necessarily mean “raw”.

A few months before I started using Virgin Coconut Oil from The Happy Grove. This is 100% purest, virgin, and most importantly, raw. No heat involved to help retain nutrients and natural goodness. It retains an authentic coconut aroma. When you make a dish like Fish Molee, it enhances the taste.

Benefits Of Using Virgin Coconut Oil?

  • Virgin Coconut Oil is highly rich in natural Vitamin E
  • The oil also keeps skin and hair well moisturized
  • The oil’s unique properties boost your immune system
  • Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a fatty acid with anti-viral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties
  • It helps in WEIGHT LOSS
  • The medium chain fatty acids present in VCO help in regulating the metabolism of the body

You can consume it Raw. You can start your Morning brew with the goodness of this oil. Some like to make it in Bulletproof style by adding butter (Those who follow Keto mostly). Also, you can add 1 teaspoon oil to your cold Coffee. Try it!

Fish Moilee is very close to Stew. The coconut milk here has a major role to play. I have used two different types of coconut milk, 1st extraction and 2nd extraction. The first one is thick which can’t be boiled, so I have added that at the end of the dish. The second extraction is thin which can be cooked.

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I am sure…You must be lost for some time in those pictures. Did you notice that black clay kadai above in pictures? That I got from The Village Fair

This Organisation supports men and women from lower economic backgrounds, who might not have had the opportunity of earning a dignified livelihood from within their community, but who possess a world of knowledge and skill when it comes to re-creating that lost world that our grandmothers would have wanted us to live in.

Let’s cook now a delicious Fish Molee curry.


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