The Ultimate Solution For Hair Care: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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Woke up fresh to a beautiful morning but the clump of hair on the pillow left you disheartened? If thick strands of broken hair are ruining your mornings or your perfect ‘good-hair’ days, it might be too late if you don’t do something about Hair Care NOW!

“Oh, I’ve tried the best hair oils in the market. They don’t work!…”

“I’m thinking of that expensive spa treatment now, but…”

Stop fooling yourself! Zillions of false claims have no idea what your hair really needs. Nature does! And so it gave birth to the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Hair Care

Will Virgin Coconut Oil really help my hair?

Be it dandruff, hair loss, dry hair or split ends, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the perfect remedy for all. It is extracted from fresh coconut milk without the use of heat. This absence of heat during cold processing maintains the nutritional values, the high levels of antioxidants, fatty acids and minerals which constitute all together to strengthen your hair and repair the damages, making it the superior coconut oil for hair benefits.

Can it stop my hair fall?

Hair fall is an unavoidable problem faced by every one of us and is surely a matter of worry as well as an embarrassment! But a warm massage of extra virgin coconut oil through the scalp can activate the hair follicles and let the useful nutrients and antioxidants like Vitamin K, Vitamin E & Iron moisturize your hair.

This Extra Virgin coconut oil for hair fall also protects your hair from protein loss and baleful dust particles and lets no more of those broken strands affect your beauty!

Pro Tip: Boil 2-3 teaspoons of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with Hibiscus petals to stimulate regrowth of hair.

Can I grow long, sleeky and shiny hair?

The day-to-day routine, poor nutrition, and pollution have stunted your hair growth. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil helps in hair growth by reducing the damages caused, as it moisturizes them completely. It protects the hair from the environmental damages caused by the smoke, dry winds, and the Sun.

The exquisite natural nutrients and antioxidants present will surely aid to turn your Rapunzel fantasies into reality!

Pro Tip: Heat virgin coconut oil with equal amounts of castor oil, apply the blend to hair length and scalp and leave it overnight. Wake up to smooth, shiny and dandruff-free hair!

Can it get rid of my dandruff too?

A yeast-like fungus, known as Malassezia causes dandruff. The anti-fungal properties of the extra virgin coconut oil can get rid of this fungus, and eventually your dandruff. A hair massage over the scalp can eliminate the fungus and dry flakes completely.

As per scientific experiments, applying Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has reduced the symptom by 68% and studies have also claimed that the oil can be beneficial in the treatment of eczema, a skin disease that can contribute to dandruff.

Pro Tip: Mix the Happy Grove Extra Virgin coconut oil along with lemon juice to prevent fungus and have a healthy scalp.

Will it clear my frizz and split-ends?

Has the lack of nutrients and vitamin deficiencies led to those craggy strays? If you are tired of time-to-time trimming, then Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the solution. The antioxidants and fatty acids help to smoothen your hair and remove the dirt in your scalp.

Simply apply the virgin coconut oil from the roots to the ends of your hair, cover it with a shower cap and rinse after some time. Yes. That’s all you need to do to avoid the regular haircuts and hair-damaging chemicals!

In the book ‘Coconut Oil: Amazing Health, Skin and Cooking Benefits’, Gene Ashburner, the popular author of natural remedial books, justifies that “Along with a great moisturizer for hair and scalp, coconut oil has been used as a natural remedy to combat frizz, get rid of dandruff, remove and prevent lice and promote hair growth.”

Can I use it as an SPF?

Just like the skin, your hair and scalp also need protection from the sun. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has a natural Sun Protection Factor that protects your hair from sun damage and dryness. It’s moisturizing properties and vitamins help to preserve your hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Studies have shown that virgin coconut oil has a sun protection factor of 8, which would be very beneficial for your hair.

Say NO to those artificial and chemicals-consisting SPF Lotion and opt for a natural alternative.

Pro Tip: Mix extra virgin coconut oil with some grape seed oil and rosewater and apply it on the scalp to yield fragrant results with a moisturized scalp.

Can I use it while dyeing?

Using extra virgin coconut oil on your hair before dyeing or coloring will help you to prevent the damaging effects of the chemicals. Just warm some extra virgin coconut oil, mix it with water and spray it all around your hair. Similarly, a little massage over the scalps can prevent the chemicals from directly penetrating into your scalp and causing further damage.

So, enjoy your dyed hair hassle-free with virgin coconut oil while taking care of your hair too!

Even researchers have claimed that virgin coconut oil, when applied to hair, has reduced the breakage and has penetrated into the hair follicle better than many other ingredients found in shampoos, conditioners, and mineral oils.

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When, how and how long to use the Extra Virgin coconut oil for Hair Care?

  • You can use it ANYTIME!. Use it as a prewash or leave-in conditioner by applying it 15-20 minutes before your hair wash or keep it on your hair overnight, you’ll never be deprived of its benefits.
  • Soak your dry hair in for 1-12 hours to moisturize them properly.
  • Take some specific amount of extra virgin coconut oil on your palm and apply it directly or go for a massage. Or you can warm it a little and mix it with water, some herbal agents like castor oil, hibiscus petals, argan oil, jojoba oil, etc and then use it on your scalp.
  • If hair loss is your issue and you’re looking for hair growth, soak your hair for around 4-5 hours in the virgin coconut oil.
  • Even if you don’t have time for soaking, you can use it as a 50-50 mixture along with your shampoo. Don’t mind the lesser degree of benefits then!
  • For best results, massage your hair thoroughly with extra virgin coconut oil, wrap them in a shower cap and keep it overnight. Later, rinse it with natural shampoo and get those sleeky and glossy locks you’ve always dreamt of!

Enough of sacrificing style for the sake of hair fall!

Enough of that daily annoying drama of dandruff!

Its time to embrace your own luster and grace, crowned by your natural, soft and flourishing tassels. So, why just wonder when you can make the switch right now! Distinct from other natural mineral oils, extra virgin coconut oil doesn’t cause any adverse effects on your hair and its usage from thousands of years justifies that.

So, why still looking at dandruff on your shoulders and ranting about that hair fall, when you can go and buy Happy Grove Extra Virgin Coconut Oil now! Say ‘no’ to the unhealthy hair woes and click to beautiful, supple and bouncier hair!


Whats the difference between VCO and CO?

The difference between coconut oil and virgin coconut oil lies in the process of extraction of the oil. Normal coconut oil is extracted from copra or dried coconut oil. Here, the coconut meat is left to dry and then the oil is extracted. Drying can happen under a drier or sunlight, whichever is the case heat is applied to it. Whereas virgin coconut oil is extracted directly from the coconut meat without drying it. Certain methods like cold pressed technology extract the coconut oil by pressing the coconut meat to obtain coconut milk and then this coconut milk is subjected to heat to separate the oil from it. Now, the oil obtained in the second process is much pure than the first process. But there’s something more to it, “Cold-processed technology” and not cold pressed!

In cold processed method, coconut meat is crushed to extract coconut milk and the obtained milk to spun in a centrifuge machine to the highest possible speed for more than 6 times. This separates the oil from the milk. This obtained oil is purest than the second process mentioned above. They all have the same names; virgin coconut oil, only thing differs is the brand name! And the third process of cold processing is conduced only by The HappyGrove. Click here To know difference between Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Oil.

What are the other benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil?

Topical application on the skin provides deep nourishment and retains moisturization. It also helps to cure skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis and help in healing the infected skin. Since The HappyGrove virgin coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, it also helps in premature aging.

Apart from skin and topical application, daily consumption of The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil can reduce the risks of many health related diseases. Arthritis, cardio vascular risks, thyroid and hormonal imbalances, digestion problems, gastric issues, constipation issues, dental and oral hygiene, and many more. Read through our blog to understand in detail about other health benefits of virgin coconut oil.

What are the usages of Virgin Coconut Oil?

The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil can be used for skin care, hair care, cooking and baby care. Each has its own advantages and types of usage. Either for topical application on the skin, baby massages, hair oil or for cooking, The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil retains maximum nutrition in it as it is processed with no heat, uses the most recent third generation technology called as nutria-lock centrifuge process, no chemicals and preservatives are induced in the process of extraction. The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil is multi-purpose oil.

Is The Happy Grove 100% Natural?

Yes, The HappyGrove virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut milk from the coconuts of Kuttiady, Kerala. The coconut milk is not cold pressed; it is cold processed with nutri-lock centrifuge machines which extract 100% pure and natural virgin coconut oil. The oil is then packed directly. In any of the process, there is no heat involved and hence The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil retains maximum nutrition than any other virgin coconut oil in India. It is free from chemicals and preservatives and is rich in vitamin E, anti-bacterial properties and is high in anti-oxidants.

P.S. That weak strand on your left shoulder just lost it’s home, while you were reading this!


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