Virgin Coconut Oil for Cooking

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Have you ever considered extra virgin coconut oil for cooking? If not, maybe, it’s time to shift from your usual, typical cooking oil and consume something that’s actually good for you!

The HappyGrove’s Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) not only saves you from cardiovascular diseases but it also helps you balance the hormonal imbalance, prevents cavities, strengthens immunity, and provides 31 health benefits altogether.

The oil you consume every day doesn’t provide you with the micro-nutrients The HappyGrove’s VCO provides. And if you’re still wondering why The HappyGrove’s VCO is best in the market, look at the following benefits.

The benefits of cooking with The HappyGrove’s Virgin Coconut Oil

The following are the 6 biggest benefits you’ll get if you use The HappyGrove’s extra virgin coconut oil for cooking.

Good cholesterol:

The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil has 84% saturated fat that’s good for you. ‘How?’ you may ask! Here’s the answer. The saturated fat we’re talking about is medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and not longer-chain triglycerides (LCTs). One of the MCTs present in The HappyGrove’s VCO is lauric acid. Lauric acid helps improve the composition of blood lipids. As a result, the good cholesterol (HDL) gets increased in the blood.

Good heart health:

In the previous point, we discussed how the lauric acid in the The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil increases the HDL (the good cholesterol). What’s fascinating is – the lauric acid also reduces LDL (the bad cholesterol) and converts the LDL into HDL. As a result, the risks of cardiovascular diseases will get reduced. Imagine! One extra virgin coconut oil, so many benefits.

Easy digestion:

When you use The HappyGrove’s extra virgin coconut oil for cooking, you give yourself a gift. It not only reduces the risks of a heart attack but also smoothens the digestion track that improves your digestion. And thus, you get relief from constipation.

Help in weight loss:

In a University of Brazil, a study was conducted on 40 women having abdominal obesity. It was found that regular use of coconut oil as a dietary supplement reduces waist circumference. It was also found that using soybean oil doesn’t result in the same which makes the coconut oil a stand-alone winner in weight-loss. Since The HappyGrove’s VCO is unrefined, 100% pure, regular use will help you reduce your belly fat and makes you look better & healthier.

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Decreases appetite:

Another study done by a University in Brazil did a study on whether virgin coconut oil reduces appetite or not. They conducted a study on 15 women. The study found that adding virgin coconut oil with mixed breakfast doesn’t change energy metabolism; rather promotes ‘less appetitive responses’. They also compared the result with adding the extra virgin olive oil to mixed breakfasts. But virgin coconut oil reduces appetite responses more than extra virgin olive oil.

Nutritional benefits:

In the western world, virgin coconut oil may be the new-recipe of health-conscious people. But if we talk about people that live on coconut, how well they’re doing healthwise? For example, we can talk about the Tokelauans that live in the South Pacific. 60% of the calories of whatever they eat come from the coconuts. A study shows that they’re in excellent health and they’ve lower risk of heart diseases. Imagine what will happen to your health if you consume The HappyGrove’s raw, 100% pure VCO extracted from farm-sourced, fresh coconuts!

You may buy your cooking oil after watching a TV ad or reading something online. But the truth is most cooking oils are refined and have harmful ingredients that are not good for your health and your heart.

The HappyGrove’s extra virgin coconut oil is 100% natural. The cold-processed technology that produces the VCO uses no heat, no harmful chemicals and has a delicious flavor that helps you produce exotic recipes.

How VCO Helps in Keto Diet?

Before we talk about how The HappyGrove’s VCO helps in the keto diet, let’s talk about what keto diet actually is.

What is a keto diet?

Here are the chief principles of a keto diet –

  1. The percentage of carbohydrates in your diet would be lower.
  2. The percentage of proteins would be medium.
  3. And the percentage of fat would be high.

Meaning fat percentage would be maximum when you’re following a keto diet.

When you follow a keto diet, your body goes into a state called ketosis. Being in the state, our body produces ketones in our liver – which ultimately burns fat stored in the body, not glucose.

Can you use The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil for keto diet?

Since The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil is 100% natural, raw, and unrefined, the good fatty acids remain intact.

The HappyGrove’s VCO consists of MCTs that’s good for your health. When you consume The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil, the MCTs in the VCO is directly absorbed by the liver and then transformed into ketones.

So, you can see that if you’re following a keto diet (which is also called ‘ketogenic’ diet), you can easily use The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil as a dietary supplement or use virgin coconut oil in keto recipes. It will not only help you burn the fat stored in the body, but also will provide multiple health benefits.

Let’s now look at some of the frequently asked questions.


Why should you use virgin coconut oil for cooking?

The foremost reason is by consuming virgin coconut oil, you’ll improve your health and save yourself from chronic diseases – cardiovascular, constipation, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Why not use the other cooking oils like soybean oils, olive oils, sunflower oils?

Because these oils don’t benefit your body; rather consuming them deteriorates your health. Whereas consuming virgin coconut oil has 31 health benefits.

Should we choose normal coconut oil in the market or virgin/extra virgin coconut oil for cooking?

Our recommendation is The HappyGrove’s extra virgin coconut oil. The coconut oils that you get in the market are refined, bleached, deodorized, and due to the processing and heat, these oils lose their potency. Whereas, The HappyGrove’s extra virgin coconut oil is 100% natural, unrefined, cent percent pure, and produced by using a superior technology called ‘cold-processed’ that doesn’t use any heat or harmful chemicals. Difference between Virgin Coconut Oil and Normal Coconut Oil.

Does The HappyGrove’s VCO can prepare exotic recipes?

Yes. If you use The HappyGrove’s VCO, you can get a different flavor in your food and nowadays health-conscious people prefer VCO more than other cooking oils because of its amazing health benefits.

Does The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil have trans fat?

No. Manufacturers use a process called ‘hydrogenation’ to create trans fat. They use this process to increase the shelf life and to retain the flavor. The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil is extracted by using a technology called ‘cold-processed’ and we use no heat and no harmful chemicals. As a result, you’ll find medium-chain triglycerides (saturated fats) in The HappyGrove’s VCO, but it contains zero trans fat. The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil is 100% natural and organic.


Be sure to choose the best when it comes to your health. We bet that you don’t want to go for something that is less benefitting when you know there’s something better than what you were consuming all these days. Cooking oil is just not for taste. In that case there are many colorful and attractive products popping out of the supermarket shelves. But, what you need is healthy and safe oil that not only keeps a check on your bad cholesterol levels, but also gives you immense and proven 31 health benefits. And this is why HappyGrove exists. And this is our vision to serve you with the best.

HappyGrove virgin coconut oil top the list in my monthly grocery list.”

Shweta from Mumbai


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