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Almost three decades ago, baby massage was started in Neonatal Wards (Neonatal Wards are intensive care units where newborn babies get special medical care). So which is the best Best Baby Oil for Massage?

In a research study done in the year 2004, it was found that if babies are offered massage in the NICU, they spent less time in the hospital, had fewer complications, and grew up well. And also it depends a lot on what sort of oil/product you use for the baby massage.

The HappyGrove’s 100% natural, pure virgin coconut oil is the ideal baby oil for massage. Since it’s cold-processed and no heat is used in its production, you’ll get all the micronutrients required for your baby. You’ll find a bunch of virgin coconut oils in the market that claim they’re 100% pure but often these oils cause allergic reaction, peeling skin, tightness in the chest or throat for the baby. Make sure you choose the best and the purest. After all, it’s a question of your baby’s well-being.

No Chemicals – 100% Natural

Advantages of Massaging Your Baby

Along with having medical advantages, baby massage also deepens the bond between a mother and her child. And it not only helps the baby know its mother well, but the mother also improves her well-being if she’s suffering from any postnatal complexities.

Here are the few advantages of baby massaging –

  • First of all, sleep for a newborn baby is like an elixir. When you massage your baby with the best baby oil, your baby sleeps without any interruption.
  • Using the purest virgin coconut oil for your baby massage would help improve circulation, ease the digestion process, and develop mental & physical well-being.
  • Proper body massage with the 100% natural oil will help your baby gain weight much faster since its bone would get stronger from the massage.
  • Touching, caressing, massaging your baby will help you understand its needs and will offer you insights on what to do during certain situations.

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Why it’s important to choose the best baby oil for massage?

100% Chemical Free & 100% Natural

Now, you already know why massaging your baby regularly is so very important. The question is how would you find a baby product/ a range of products that would be beneficial for your bundle of joy?

Research says that if you use any oil, it may not be well suited for your child. Rather you need to choose something that would not cause any rash/eczema for your baby.

NHS (National Healthcare System, UK) remarks that before your baby turns one month old, you shouldn’t use any oil/lotion at all. The reason being is immediately after birth, a baby’s skin is quite thin and can be easily damaged.

When you start massaging your baby after a month, your choice of oil/lotion will become important as it decides the development of your baby and how its skin responds.

If choosing an ideal baby oil or baby product is one task, ensuring that the product is free from harmful chemicals is another. Because, it can be life-threatening for your baby.

A few months’ ago two batches of the sample baby products of one of the giant baby care companies were tested by the Rajasthan Drug Control Board, it was a complete shock. They found the existence of one of the most harmful chemicals for the babies called formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is one of the worst chemicals that can be used in any baby care products.
Let’s look at the few harmful chemicals that can damage your baby’s well-being (it’s important to know what not to use) –

  • Phthalates: This harmful chemical has the capacity to damage your baby’s reproductive system, cause asthma, disorders, and can create allergic reactions. Phthalates has been identified by Project TENDR (Targeting Environmental Neuro-Developmental Risks) as an emerging concern for brain development.
  • Formaldehyde: The most terrible part of this chemical is that it causes cancer. According to the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), formaldehyde is considered a carcinogen and is directly linked to the deadly disease cancer. The best way to avoid formaldehyde and other related chemicals like quaternium-15 is to read the ingredients before you purchase anything for your baby.
  • Pesticides: If you use anything non-organic there’s a chance that these products contain high-risk pesticides. As per the report of the Pesticide Action Network, the cancer rates have increased by 25% since 1975. The only way to deal with this is to use HappyGrove’s 100% organic, pure, virgin coconut oil.
  • BPS & BPA: You should also avoid any plastic containers that contain BPS & BPA. In the year 2012, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) banned the use of BPA in baby bottles.

Looking for an alternative? Here it is!

Coming from the land of coconuts, Kerala, it is very easy for us to say that Coconut Oil is ideal for everything. Having years of experience into this industry, would you believe if we say there can be many coconut oil products and only some of them are 100% pure and natural virgin coconut oil?

Especially when we are talking about babies, the tradition has followed from centuries ago in preferring coconut oil for infant massages. As the technology has evolved so is our process in extracting purest form of coconut oil which is Virgin Coconut Oil. You can learn the difference between coconut oil and virgin coconut oil here.

If you’re new to using virgin coconut oil for baby massage, no worries! You are already aware of what to avoid while choosing a product, and now we will tell you why The HappyGrove can be the best baby oil for massage.

  • 100% Natural and cost-effective: Using a packaged product that’s harmful to your baby’s soft skin is a blunder. Why not choose something natural, have been nourishing individuals from 0-80, and also cost-effective! The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil is the purest, safest, and cost-effective.
  • Cures diaper rash: Diaper rash has been one of the most problematic situations for baby parents to handle. And its more painful for your little one to go through it. There can be severe situations when diaper rashes can cause pimples, blisters, other sores on your baby’s sensitive area. If the rash gets infected, it can cause swelling and prone to fever. How stupid would it be to use unnatural chemical products on this again? The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil retains maximum medical values which are ideal to cure and prevent diaper rashes by inducing medical properties into the infected area and brings back your baby’s skin to normal.
  • Amazing for preventing or curing eczema: If you want to prevent your baby from eczema or trying to find a cure, look no further. Topical application of the HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil cures the baby from any exfoliation or skin rashes by also helping the baby’s skin to become better and stronger.
  • 100% preservative free: The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil is processed with pure coconut milk under nutri-lock centrifuge technology. The extracted oil is directly packed without any heat or chemicals added in the process. The oil is absolutely free from all kinds of preservatives.
  • Perfect for baby massage: Since it’s pure and organic, you can use the HappyGrove’s Virgin coconut oil to massage your baby. It would help your baby in all ways – in gaining weight, improving blood circulation, in the digestion process, and in strengthening its bones. The HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil is also non greasy as it is the lowest in viscosity.
  • Chest rub for cold: If your baby is suffering from cough and cold, sprinkle a few drops of the HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil on its chest and rub softly. The effect of rub with virgin coconut oil will reduce the effect of cold.
  • Great for cradle crap: Most infants suffer from flaky patches on their scalp. Applying 100% pure, organic oil of the HappyGrove will keep your baby rash-free and safe. It also helps in killing the yeast/bacteria.

In June 2019, the Journal of Tropical Pediatrics published a research report on “Effect of Virgin Coconut Oil Application on the Skin of Preterm Newborns: A Randomized Controlled Trial”. In this study, 2294 newborns were included. These newborns were divided into two groups – group A (1146 newborns) and group B (1148 newborns). Group A received virgin coconut oil application and group B received body massage but not with any virgin coconut oil application. The result of this study was staggering. It was found that the usage and application of virgin coconut oil fasten dermal maturity and also it improves the neurodevelopmental outcome.

The difference between the best baby oil for massage and all other virgin coconut oils in the market is one technology. This technology is called ‘cold-processed’ technology.

Nutri – lock Cold processed technology keeps the HappyGrove’s virgin coconut oil in its purest form because there’s no heat or chemical used. There is no harm even if your baby happens to lick itself while applied with virgin coconut oil. Now you know why you should choose the HappyGrove’s 100% natural, organic, pure virgin coconut oil when you look out to buy baby oil for your newborn.

Have a look at what Meera, a regular customer of the HappyGrove Virgin Coconut Oil from Mumbai says –

“I use HappyGrove Virgin Coconut Oil for massaging my baby and applying it on my whole body."

This is 100% purest form of virgin coconut oil you’ll ever find.


Is choosing the best baby oil for massage important?

Yes, it’s of prime importance. If you choose an oil that isn’t pure or loaded with harmful chemicals, it may harm your baby.

Why massaging is important for a baby?

It’s because massaging helps the blood circulation, helps the baby gain weight, and improve its digestion process. It also strengthens baby’s bones.

Why the HappyGrove’s organic coconut oil?

Because it’s the best, purest, and the safest in the market. The technology used in producing this oil keeps all the nutrients intact and is perfect not only for babies, but also for any individual from 0-80.

Do I need to take medical advice before applying anything?

Yes. Its always recommended to consult your doctor before using any lotions/oils for your baby


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