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Did you ever check the source from where your coconut oil is coming from? Oh, you aren’t a coconut oil user? Never mind! For the users and the non-users, we will tell you why it is important to check the source of your coconut oil, and also give you some knowledge on why you should start using one of the best coconut oil from Kerala. Coconut oil consumption in India is not new. But now, even the other parts of world like the US are slowly shifting towards virgin coconut oil because of the tremendous health benefits it carries.

India being the 3rd world’s largest producer of coconuts and coconut oil, Kerala holds the number 1 position for cultivation of good quality coconuts in India. In Kerala, there are various coconut cultivation farms out of which the coconuts from Kuttiady are considered of superior quality. You will read further why! But if you are hunting for the best coconut oil from Kerala or India, then this blog is for you. Read further to know more about the best coconut oil from Kerala.

Kerala- The Land Of Coconut Trees

Kerala lies to the southwestern part of the country and the coastal regions here have sandy soils that are best-suited for good coconut yields. The interior parts of the region have good fertile soil which helps in the production and even weather conditions like light intensity, sunshine hours, humidity and temperature play a significant role in the coconut production.

Another reason is the high rainfall. The heavy rainfalls in the region promote the excessive production of coconuts and provide better yields! The Coconut Development Board(CBD) in Kerala takes initiatives to improve coconut production and productivities. It further ensures that the state produces the finest coconuts in the world.

Major Ecosystems Of Coconuts In Kerala

The Kuttiyadi and West Coast Tall(WCT) are the two major ecosystems of coconuts found in Kerala. The WCT is the most popular one and occupies over 95% of the total area under coconut cultivation. Although it covers the major of Kerala, the Kuttiyadi yields better fruit than WCT. Several characteristics like characteristic husk percentages, cavity diameter of nut in the equatorial region and oil percentage in copra are found to be significantly higher in Kuttiyadi than in WCT which makes it an ideal choice for producing coconut oil.

“The Happy Grove” And Its Relationship With Kuttiyadi Coconuts

The Happy Grove is an initiative of KCK Agro Products which particularly is the highest quality cold-processed Virgin Coconut Oil manufacturer in Kerala. The word ‘Grove’ means a group of trees and together Happy Grove means a group of trees sharing happiness and we want you to be a part of this happiness.

The coconuts have got their name “Kuttiyadi” from a place that is near Calicut, which is known for its best coconut production. The soil in these Kuttiyadi belts is good for coconut cultivation and without any doubt yield the best fruits! These Kuttiyadi coconuts are rich in fats and constitute to produce the Best Virgin Coconut Oil in Kerala!

Why the HappyGrove Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is second to none!

The Happy Grove Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is obtained from cold-processed unlike the cold-pressed methods used by other products out there in the market. We choose the best quality and fresh Kuttiyadi coconuts to get the coconut milk and further extract oil from it. Due to the cold-processed method, the natural goodness, aroma, and the antioxidants of the coconuts are preserved, so you will never miss out on the tropical benefits of it. It has a non-greasy texture and lesser viscosity than other oils, making it the Best Brand Virgin Coconut Oil in Kerala. On the other hand, in the cold-pressed method, due to the application of heat, all of these vital natural constituents of the coconuts are lost and even though one gets more yield, it has to compromise on the quality!

As per Asia and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC), “As the coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids, it is easily oxidized. Instead of getting deposited in the blood vessels, it goes directly into the liver. This is the major reason why it doesn’t affect one’s blood pressure and health drastically.”

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The HappyGrove Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is too flexible for usage!

Right from the tip to the toe, brace your body to unleash the surprising benefits of the Happy Grove Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Being an all-in-one health package, adorn your health and beauty with this nutritious gift.

There are no specific limitations on the usage of the coconut oil and you can use it whenever and wherever you want, isn’t that amazing?

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For Haircare:

The natural Kerala Coconut Oil for Hair gets rid of your dandruff, promotes hair growth, stimulates hair follicles and smoothens the dry hair. The antioxidants and exquisite natural nutrients present moisturize the hair and give it a shiny black color making it the best coconut oil for hair care.

For Skincare:

The oil preserves the nutrition of your skin and helps in retaining its moisture, making it the best coconut oil for skin care. It gives your skin a glowing look and revitalizes it, without any irritations! It also cures several skin disorders if you have any.

For Cooking:

You must have used Coconut Oil for Cooking, but extra virgin coconut oil has a versatile tropical coconut aroma and flavor. The oil makes your food more delicious, healthy and tasty. With all the natural nutrients present, it surely gives an upper hand over all other oils!

Fun Fact: A family of 5 members in Kerala consumes one coconut per day! They use it for daily activities like cooking, hair care, skincare, etc. No doubts about Kerala being the most literate state of India!

For Baby Care:

All of us know that babies require extra care because they are gentle and sensitive. Knowing this fact, as a parent (if you are), how could you think that products that are laboratory made with chemicals and unnatural ingredients are safe for your baby? Virgin coconut oil has no side effects and in fact is far better than just coconut oil because of the amazing benefits it has for the little ones. From carrying antioxidants to being rich in vitamin E, virgin coconut oil for babies is a wise choice to make.

Now that you’re aware of the coconuts, the oil made from it and it’s usages, there still might be few more questions in your mind. No worries, every person has that child still inside them and we are here to answer every single of them!


Is Virgin Coconut Oil good for health?

Yes. It is good for your hair and cures all your hair issues like continuous hair fall, flaky scalp, annoying dandruff, sun damage, stunted hair growth, etc, etc. Happy Grove Virgin Coconut Oil has got all the antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins like Vitamin K, Vitamin E and minerals like Iron to provide your hair the care they need. Also, the antifungal properties of the oil will get rid of your dandruff too. So, why choose chemical alternatives when you have nature’s ultimate gift to have Rapunzel-like hair!

What are the coconut oil prices in Kerala?

As the best quality of Kuttiyadi coconuts are processed through advanced processing methods,Virgin Coconut Oil in Kerala is generally more valuable over Normal Coconut Oil. But HappyGrove strives to bring the best quality Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to you at the lowest possible cost. Just Rs. 285/- and you can give your body the best nature’s gift it could ask for! Choose for yourself – a 500 ml bottle of normal Coconut Oil with ZERO special benefits or theHappy Grove Extra Virgin coconut oil for just Rs. 285/- per 200ml.

Is Virgin Coconut Oil good for skin?

Without any doubt, it is the best option for your skin too! You can use it as a moisturizer, lip balm, cracked repair cream, makeup remover, etc. The oil preserves maximum nutrition and helps in removing wrinkles, stretch marks, and skin rashes by moisturizing and deeply nourishing the skin. The oil has low-viscosity and non-greasy texture making it safe and the best coconut oil for skin care. It cures your cracked and pigmented lips and smoothens them deeply. Use it for your makeup removal to clean the pores and keep your skin all moisturized. It preserves the maximum nutrition of your heels when used as a moisturizer.

What is Cold Processed Coconut Oil?

The Happy Grove Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is obtained from the Cold-Processed Method. In this, the coconut milk obtained is processed without any heat. The coconut milk is then centrifuged several times to separate the oil. The oil is crystal clear and all of its natural nutrients and anti-oxidants are maintained as no heat is provided. The oil thereby obtained is non-greasy and has a very strong aroma, making it the real Cold Processed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in Kerala.

While we are well aware of the fact that “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”, in Kerala it’s more like “ A Coconut A Day Keeps the Doctor Away”. When others have just focused on a few benefits of coconut, these people have brought the true usages of it to the world. The Happy Grove Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is just one of them and we don’t want you to miss it!

So, say goodbye to chemicals and artificial products and welcome 
nature’s package for all the blooming health!


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